Solano Greens

The Green Party of Solano County California

Register Green

You can Register Green online here right now.

Registering Green helps the Green Party retain ballot access. Up until and through the November 2014 general election, aproximately 104,000 registered California voters must be registered Green for the Green Party to remain on the ballot. That number is likely to go up another 10,000 to 15,000 voters after the 2014 elections.

Registering Green is a way of ‘voting’ for your values. Join a party which stands for your values, instead of one that is the ‘lesser of evils’ .

Registering Green makes a clear and effective political statement. The more people who register Green, the stronger the Green Party will be, and the more all parties will take green issues and green voters seriously.

Registering Green does not limit your voting options in the primary or general election for local, state or congressional office. Since you can vote for any candidate, choosing a party is really about what you believe in.

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